Seminar: Grow your business!

Direct seller?  Small business owner?  Commission Sales Professional?  This is for you.

One of the great things about being in business is all the ‘fresh starts’ we get.  Each new day and each new customer brings a new opportunity.  And here we are with one of the biggest opportunities we ever get – a NEW YEAR!

So how can you set your and your business up for unprecedented earnings and profit quickly and keep it going for the whole year?

I’ve often said:

All the most important lessons in business are universal.

We all want to be fulfilled and change the world with our business, but let’s admit that generating profit is a key goal.  And we also want a profitable business that is growing.  When our business is growing and succeeding, the rest is relatively easy.  When our business is under-performing or falling short of our goals and expectations, it adds a tremendous burden to everything.

It is far too easy to get stuck in a rut, to be complacent, or to be “too close to the business” to identify and fix any issues that may be blocking your from real growth.  This seminar will help and this is the perfect time year to begin.

  • How to self-diagnose the current state of your business
  • Specific, practical, and easily-implemented strategies
  • Everything is targeted to get you more customers, more sales, more profit.
  • Nothing discussed will require money for advertising, promotions, etc.  In fact, you’re likely to reduce your marketing budget as you go.

For less than the price of a small ad, which will (maybe) generate some interest for a small window of time, this seminar will reap you benefits that will begin to produce results immediately and they will continue to generate growth, sales, and profit for you for the entire year.

"5 Keys to Growing ANY Business" Seminar
Now booking:  January, February, March
Kingston, Napanee, Belleville venues available
Start the year strong - book early!
Seminar is 4 hours from 5pm - 9pm weekday evening
Usually 3rd week of the month.
(firm dates will be scheduled to accommodate all confirmed & pre-paid attendees)

$80 per attendee.
Couples & Partners $120.
Group bookings welcome.
(will have private seminar, pricing $50 per attendee with a minimum charge for 8 attendees)

Each attendee or business will receive a free 45 minute, one-on-one follow-up review and troubleshooting session.

Each attendee or business will receive a free two weeks of email support and quick-reply troubleshooting coaching.

We will use our proprietary model for helping you focus on, identify, troubleshoot, and fix, each aspect of growing your business or sales career.

We break it down into:

The 5 Keys to
Growing ANY business

  • Get more potential customers
  • Get more of them to actually buy something
  • Be more profitable on those deals
  • Get them to buy more often, more regularly
  • Get them to bring us more business in the form so recommendations and referrals

Ready to get started
or find out more?

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